There are many great resources for those looking to file workers' compensation in Georgia. In this article we will be reviewing the information provided by Georgia's State Board of Workers' Compensation and the Georgia Department of Labor. Please click on any of the links below to visit the website directly.

State Board of Workers' Compensation (Georgia)

  • Mission Statement - The mission statement of the SBWC is to, "provide superior access to the Georgia Workers' Compensation program for injured workers and employers in a manner that is sensitive, responsive, and effective and to insure efficient processing and swift, fair resolution of claims, while encouraging workplace safety and return to work."

  • Statues and Rules - Georgia's statues and rules regarding workers' compensation change fairly often. The GDOL keeps track of all changes and updates made by the state legislature and updates this page when needed.

  • Statistics - The annual reports of total indemnity claims and medical only claims paid are available here. The reports give both employers and employees a good idea as to the trends in claims statewide. For example, in 2007 there were over $135 million of medical only claims paid in Georgia.

Georgia Department of Labor (DOL)

  • Information for the Disabled Worker- Whether you have been injured on or off the job, a disability changes the way you live and work. The Georgia Department of Labor offers a wide variety of both information and tools for disabled workers and employers. Resources include the National Organization on Disability and The Work Site , a SSA web site that focuses on facilitating the employment of the disabled.

  • Workplace Safety - Though the resources listed on this page are intended for employers, employees will find useful information here as well. Resources include Project Safe Georgia, confidential safety and health consultation services and information the GDOL's conferences and seminars. Topics covered by the seminars include prevention of violence in the workplace and safety and health at work.


We hope that the information provided in this article helps you better understand your rights as an injured worker. As an Atlanta workers comp law firm we know all too well that an accident at work or a work related illness can affect both your performance at work and the quality of your life.

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