The injuries you sustained at work could lead to surgery, and this is another expense that should be covered through Georgia Workers' Compensation. However, your employer will want medical proof that the surgery is necessary, especially because this will likely mean more time off from work.

After your initial medical treatment, it may be necessary to continue some type of care, such as physical therapy or some type of rehabilitation, in order for you to experience a full recovery. Again, this type of care will need to be done through a provider covered by your employer.

You may be able to receive benefits for other types of miscellaneous costs. For instance, if your medical care requires seeing a specialist from another state, you may face travel, food and lodging expenses. These could be covered through Workers' Compensation.

If you aren’t able to drive to your appointments because of your injury, and you must pay a cab fare, this is another type of miscellaneous expense that could be covered. 

All costs related to your work injury should be paid within 30 days of submitting the bill. Sometimes payments are received sooner, but if they take longer than 30 days, you could be given additional compensation. 

You should note, however, that you have only 1 year in which to seek reimbursement for any medical expenses incurred. If you wait too long, you could waive your right to receive them. 

After sustaining an injury while on the job in Georgia, Workers' Compensation can help relieve you of the financial burden. However, you may find that despite being entitled to those benefits, your employer or their insurance company may try to deny benefits. If this is the case, contacting an Atlanta work injury lawyer as soon as possible would be in your best interest.

Contacting an Atlanta Work Injury Lawyer

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