Shootings can cause life-changing injuries, such as paralysis. In some cases, a shooting may have been foreseeable, and a property owner may have failed to protect the shooting victim from being injured. You or a loved one who was shot in Atlanta may be the victim of a property owner’s negligent security. You could be able to collect compensation for the losses that have come as a result of your shooting.


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Shooting-Related Injuries 


The journal Preventive Medicine explains that 67,000 Americans suffer injuries each year because of shooting-related injuries. An additional 32,000 Americans pass away because of injuries caused by shootings. Those injuries cause approximately $48 billion in medical costs and work-related losses every year.


A gunshot wound can cause various forms of trauma, and you or your loved one may suffer:


You or your loved one may have suffered additional types of injuries because of your gunshot. Your specific injury may primarily determine the types of physical and psychological symptoms that you have experienced.


The Effects of a Shooting Injury on Your Life


Your shooting injury may have caused you great pain and could have a long-term effect on your life. In the short-term, you may be negatively affected by:

  • The emotional and psychological pain of being shot
  • Fresh, traumatic memories of being shot
  • An inability to engage in physical movement
  • An inability to work
  • An inability to earn a normal income
  • The realization that you are paralyzed

The long-term effects of a shooting-related injury will vary from one victim to another. If you or your loved one are paralyzed or suffer another type of chronic disability, then you may:

  • Need to purchase equipment such as a wheelchair, scooter, and other tools to help you get around
  • Need a part-time or full-time caregiver
  • Lose the ability to be completely independent
  • Suffer serious psychological issues related to your injury, such as depression

You may not be able to work in the way that you did before your shooting. You could suffer financially, psychologically, and physically because of your shooting-related injuries. A lawyer will consider what allowed your shooting to happen and who is responsible for the losses you have suffered because of your injuries.


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Our Team Understands That a Shooting Can Be Devastating


A shooting can easily be a fatal event, and the psychological trauma of being shot can be overwhelming. You may have lost a loved one because of their shooting-related injuries, or you may lose a loved one because of their injuries in the near future.


A lawyer wants to help you seek justice whether you were shot, a loved one was shot and survived, or a loved one passed away because of a shooting. Our team will take on your case so that you and your family can focus on mental and physical recovery.


How Our Team Will Help You and Your Family


Being shot is not something that affects only the victim. We know that, as your lawyer, we will be seeking justice for the victim as well as your family. 


Our team will determine who is responsible for your shooting. The owner of the property where the shooting happened will be one party that your lawyer considers when determining responsibility. 


The property where you or your loved one were shot may have lacked the necessary security measures. This may be true if:

  • The location was a high-traffic area.
  • The location is one where alcohol is served.
  • The location serves as a nightlife location, such as a bar or club.
  • The location or general area has experienced crime, and shootings in particular, in the past.
  • There was any reason to expect that a shooting could happen at the location.

Your lawyer will determine if the property owner took basic steps to protect you. These steps could include:

  • Hiring trained and qualified security guards
  • Having working cameras covering all of the property
  • Preventing loitering
  • Ensuring that the property is well-lit
  • Removing any people from the premises who pose a threat of violence 

A lawyer will work to collect all evidence that shows you may be the victim of negligent security. They may review video footage, interview witnesses, review the property owner’s history with crime, and make the case that you were put at risk of being shot by the property owner’s negligence.


If anybody aside from or in addition to a property owner is responsible for you being shot, then your lawyer will make the case against that party. You may collect compensation through a settlement or through a judgement after a trial.


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