Preserving your Georgia personal injury claim is essential when you have been seriously injured in an accident in Georgia. Protecting your potential claim includes everything from physically preserving the evidence, to monitoring how you interact with insurance adjusters and taking care to follow your doctor's orders.

The Physical Evidence of Your Georgia Personal Injury 

Georgia personal injury claims come in many forms. Accordingly, there is a vast array of evidence you will need to support your injury claim. In different situations, you'll need to protect certain items to establish accident liability. Below is an outline of what you should preserve in various types of accidents in Georgia:

Preserving Evidence After a Car Accident in Georgia

  • Police report: Many times, a police report contains information about who was at fault, as well as witness testimony and officer observations of the scene. This is one of the most important pieces of evidence you'll use to establish accident liability.
  • Medical records: These documents provide the meat of your Georgia personal injury case. They show harm resulted from the accident.
  • Photograph: Take photographs of everything you can - the car, your injuries, the Georgia car accident scene. These will show the extent of damage.
  • Items from the vehicle: These could include torn clothing and other miscellaneous articles that were in the vehicle when the Georgia car accident occurred. 

Preserving Evidence in a Georgia Medical Malpractice Case

  • Medical records: Gather documents that relate to the negligent treatment.
  • Medical records from other physicians: Request documents from other health care providers that show an injury was sustained.
  • Photographs: Images of physical injuries will help illustrate the severity of your case. 

Preserving Evidence for a Georgia Defective Product Claim

  • The product: Immediately stop using the defective product and put it in a safe place. The item should be in the condition it was in when the defective product accident occurred.
  • Labels and Instructions: If any written warnings, labels or accessories were included in the defective product's packaging, set those aside with the item.
  • Photographs: Take photos of any physical injuries as soon as possible.  

Preserving Evidence in a Georgia Slip and Fall Case 

  • Photographs: Images are of utmost importance in this type of Georgia personal injury claim. Take many photos from multiple angles, and in multiple lighting situations. If you can take photographs over a period of time, this will help show that the property owner was aware of the issue, but was negligent in regard to repairs.
  • Medical records: You will need paperwork from doctor or hospital to prove you were injured as a result of the property's disrepair.  

As you are collecting your evidence, contact a Georgia personal injury attorney. Your attorney can provide guidance in what type of evidence is needed for your Georgia personal injury claim and help to establish accident liability.

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