Property owners should understand their duty to keep you safe. Anyone who enters a premises has a reasonable right to safety, but property owners do not always protect you as they should. When a dangerous premises causes injury or death, a premises liability injury lawyer in Marietta, Georgia, will be there to help you seek compensation.

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Property Owners in Marietta Have a Duty of Care

The duty of care is a legal principle that requires someone to act reasonably. For property owners, the duty of care means protecting those who visit their property from hazards.

Some of the hazards that a property owner must not allow to exist on their premises are:

  • Slipping hazards, which includes spills, freshly mopped floors, and general clutter
  • Electrocution hazards
  •  Burn hazards
  •  Broken flooring, which can include stairs, cracked tile, rotting wood, and other unsteady surfaces
  • Falling items

Property owners must also take security measures to protect customers when such measures are warranted. Failing to spot and remove hazards or failure to alert customers to known hazards could make a property owner responsible for the harm that you or your loved one has experienced.

Why Property Owners Must Protect Visitors

Property owners cannot assume that those who visit their premises can take care of themselves. There are several reasons why property owners must take proactive measures to avoid violating premises liability law.

Visitors May Be Handicapped

Those who would visit a business, residence, government building, or other type of property may already be physically or cognitively impaired. Some individuals who may be at a high risk of being injured on dangerous premises are:

  • Those who have difficulty walking
  • Those who are visually impaired
  • Those who have cognitive impairment
  • Children

While those who are handicapped or impaired in any other way could be at great risk of injury, dangerous premises can cause even the most capable, healthy adults to suffer serious injuries.

Visitors May Be in a Hurry

When you go to the store, make a trip to the DMV, or visit any other property that you are not the owner of, you may have a million thoughts running through your mind. The typical person may not be considering whether the stair beneath their foot is going to give out or whether a tile floor is slick.

From a legal perspective, it is not your responsibility to worry about such things. A property owner has a duty of care to you, which means that they must remove or otherwise protect you from foreseeable injury hazards.

Certain Hazards Are Not Obvious

Those who visit a premise cannot be expected to detect all hazards. While some hazards might be seemingly obvious, others may not be. Property owners have a duty to ensure that every feature of their property is safe for visitors.

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A Premises Liability Attorney Will Find Out Why You Were Injured

As your premises liability lawyer, an attorney will investigate your case and find out why you were injured. They may hire outside experts to help them with the investigation, as having all available information is critical to making your case.

A lawyer may use evidence that they collect as part of your lawsuit. This evidence may show that:

  1. There was, in fact, a hazard that caused you or a loved one to be injured.
  2. The property owner or property manager should have been aware of the hazard. And should have protected you in some way from encountering the hazard.
  3. The property owner did not protect you from the hazard.
  4. Your encounter with the hazard has caused you to suffer injury-related losses.

Your lawyer may make a similar case if your loved one passed away because of a dangerous premises. There are several forms of evidence, such as video footage, pictures, law enforcement records, and witness accounts, which may be key pieces to your case. A lawyer will collect such evidence on your behalf.

Contingency Fees for Premises Liability Cases

There should be no financial barrier for those who have been injured due to a dangerous property. The team at S. Burke Law does not charge you anything out of your own pocket and therefore ensures that we can take the cases of clients who deserve justice.

Thanks to our contingency-fee arrangement, we do not get paid unless we negotiate a financial settlement or win a judgment for you. Our concern is your health and securing fair compensation for your losses. 

Keep in mind that premises liability cases can look very different from one another. For example, you may have grounds for a premises liability lawsuit if your child was injured on somebody’s property—even if the owner of that property did not explicitly invite your child onto their premises.

Speaking with a premises liability injury lawyer in Marietta, Georgia may clear up any questions that you have about your eligibility to file a lawsuit or insurance claim.

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