If you have suffered a facial injury in a Georgia car crash, then you may be entitled to compensation for the treatment and care of your injuries. Decatur GA attorneys can evaluate your claim to determine the types of compensation that may be available.

Decatur GA attorneys can also determine if someone else is liable for the injuries you have suffered. They will work with the insurance companies, medical experts and any others who are pertinent to your case so that you can focus on your health and recovery.

Georgia Car Crashes: Types of Facial Injuries

A facial injury can be minor and with time, will heal on its own. However it can also be severe and lead to permanent scarring or disfigurement. This can interfere with an individual's quality of life and result in emotional damage.

Some of the types of facial injuries that an individual may sustain in a Georgia car crash:

  • lacerations;
  • fractures;
  • burns;
  • loss of eye(s); and
  • broken or chipped teeth. 

You may be entitled to compensation for the treatment of these injuries, along with other types of damages.

Damages after a Georgia Car Crash

Decatur GA attorneys will determine the types of damages that you may be eligible to receive after your Georgia car crash. Compensation for your medical expenses, including any hospitalization, may be available. 

Whether treatment consists of surgery, rehabilitation or medication, you may be facing huge medical bills. However when someone else's negligence is the cause of your Georgia car crash, then they may be held liable for these medical damages. It would be in your best interest to contact Decatur GA attorneys as soon as possible at 404-842-7838.

A facial injury can be very painful, not just immediately after your Georgia car crash but during the recovery time as well. You may be facing weeks of recovery. This may entitle you to receive compensation for pain and suffering. 

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