As the victim of sexual assault or the loved one of a sexual assault victim, you understand how damaging sexual assault is, and you may be entitled to compensation from one or more parties. 


The perpetrator of your assault may not be the only party who is at fault for you becoming a victim. A sexual assault lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia will handle your sexual assault case through the civil court system by potentially filing a lawsuit on your behalf. Call S. Burke Law today at (404) 842-7838 to complete a free consultation.


Sexual Assault Includes More Than Rape


Sexual assault may include more acts than rape. The following acts may qualify as sexual violence:

  • Unwanted touching
  • Spying on victims without their consent (voyeurism)
  • Rape
  • Sexual harassment

Other acts may also qualify as sexual assault. They can include sexual crimes involving children, indecent exposure, sexual contact between an employer and employee, sexual contact between a teacher and student, and various other acts of a sexual nature.


Sexual assault includes any sexual act where a victim does not have the ability to consent or chooses not to consent. Legal definitions of sexual assault may vary by state. You can speak with the team for a lawyer if you have any questions about what qualifies as sexual assault.


Sexual Assault Can Cause Lasting Trauma


As a victim of sexual assault, you or your loved one may experience lasting trauma that stems directly from the assault. 


Survivors of sexual assault experience higher rates of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) than those who do not suffer an assault.


Symptoms of PTSD include:

  • Being physically and emotionally triggered by reminders of your sexual assault
  • Unwanted but recurring memories of your sexual assault
  • Flashbacks
  • Negative changes in your patterns of thinking and self-esteem

If you experience the symptoms of PTSD or any other negative consequences as the result of your assault, then you may face a diminished quality of life. You may be unable to hold a job, maintain steady relationships with friends, family, or romantic partners, and may suffer from conditions such as depression and anxiety.


If you or your loved one are suffering from the trauma of a sexual assault, then you may not choose to complete a lawsuit on your own. A sexual assault lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia will handle your case so that you do not have to be reminded of the assault that has caused you to suffer.


Call S. Burke Law today at (404) 842-7838 to learn how we provide our clients with intimate legal representation by treating them like family. An assault lawyer from our firm wants to help you get the compensation to which you are entitled from your assailant or other negligent parties.


A Lawyer Will Respect the Sensitivity of Your Situation


Sexual assault cases are sensitive. You or your loved one have been through a traumatic experience, and a lawyer will seek justice on your behalf while handling your case with the sensitivity that it warrants.


Your lawyer and their team will handle as much of your case as they possibly can. By doing this, you can avoid any reminders of your assault but still have somebody pursuing financial justice on your behalf.


Your lawyer may provide the following services:


Identifying Those Responsible for Your Assault


The person or people who assaulted you may be financially responsible for their acts, regardless of whether they have faced criminal charges. Your lawyer will identify all parties implicated in your assault and name them as defendants in your lawsuit.


Parties aside from the perpetrators could also be legally responsible. Liable parties for a sexual assault may include:

  • The owner of the property where your assault occurred
  • A government agency that failed to protect you or respond promptly to a distress call
  • Anyone whose actions put you in danger

Identifying responsible parties is a critical step in seeking compensation for your losses.


Handling Every Part of Your Lawsuit


The act of completing a lawsuit requires consistent effort. Your lawyer may need to complete and file paperwork, talk with witnesses, lawyers, and other parties, and handle many other responsibilities in order to complete your case.


Your lawyer will handle every part of your lawsuit from start to finish. 


Negotiating a Settlement or Completing a Trial


There may be numerous benefits to settling a sexual assault lawsuit. By settling, you may limit the period of time in which your legal proceedings are a factor in your life. You may be looking to move on from your assault to the greatest possible extent, and a settlement may be the quickest way to resolve your case.


Your lawyer will not agree to a settlement unless it provides fair compensation for your losses. If necessary, they will bring your case to trial. 


Your lawyer will stand by your side throughout the legal process. They will protect you in the legal arena and do their best to secure compensation for your losses.


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Sexual assault is a crime that warrants justice, and a civil lawsuit is one way for you to pursue such justice. A sexual assault lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia can complete a civil lawsuit on your behalf. 


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