Although benefits may be available after being injured at work, Workers' Compensation cases in Atlanta can still be jeopardized. There are certain actions or inactions that can impact an individual's ability to collect these benefits. To learn about your rights after a work injury, you should speak with a Workers' Compensation lawyer in Atlanta as soon as possible.

How Workers' Compensation Cases in Atlanta Can Be Jeopardized

One way you can jeopardize your case is by not immediately reporting your injury. You may mistakenly believe that your injury isn't serious enough or that it would be better to wait and see how you feel. 

An example would be a back injury that you develop while lifting boxes at work. If  you decide to tough it out and see if you can take care of the injury at home with some ice and a heating pad, a week later, it may be profoundly worse. To an insurance adjuster, this delay could make it seem like your injury isn't that serious.

You can also jeopardize your case by failing to cooperate with any part of the claims process.
This also includes failing to comply with the treating physician's evaluations and treatment plan. Or if you don't cooperate with your employer, then your case may be negatively impacted.

If there is something you don't agree with when it comes to your employer or the treating physician, you should speak to a Workers' Compensation lawyer in Atlanta to learn how to handle it in a way that it won't damage your case. Your rights may have been violated; however, you will still need to take the appropriate measures to protect your claim.

If you are asked to return to employment and refuse, this could also jeopardize your case.
If you don't believe you are ready to return to work, then you may also need to contact an attorney for guidance.

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