Registered nurses and other health care providers are a high-risk group for workplace injury. If you've been injured in a workplace accident in Atlanta, you'll want to work with a GA Workers' Compensation lawyer to make sure you get a fair amount of reimbursement for your injuries.

Workplace Dangers for Nurses

Although the medical industry appears to be a safe and sterile environment, it actually poses numerous dangers that cause injury for thousands of healthcare professionals every year.

Some of the most common on-the-job hazards include:

  • slips and falls;
  • repetitive motions;
  • exposure to hazardous materials; and
  • needles and other sharp objects. 

Even if you receive Workers' Compensation, it may not be enough to thoroughly compensate for you injuries. You can work with a GA worker's compensation lawyer experienced to help you file a claim, so you can get the best financial compensation package possible.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slips, trips, and falls are the second most common cause of lost workday injuries in hospitals. In addition to the serious injuries that can result from these accidents, the loss of earning ability is another huge factor when a nurse gets injured at work and has to take time off.

Hospitals are hectic centers of activity, and can have hazardous conditions that may cause a worker to slip or fall, such as: 

  • spills and wet surfaces; and
  • improperly stored equipment. 

Not only is a nurse's job mentally challenging, it's also extremely physically taxing. Fractures and other injuries could result from workplace slips, trips, and falls, and you're entitled to compensation if you've suffered in such an accident.

It's a good idea to contact a GA Workers' Compensation lawyer about your workplace accident in Atlanta. You'll want to take your claim to someone with experience helping nurses and other healthcare workers seek the compensation they need to cover their medical expenses and lost workdays.

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