Under Georgia law, your spouse can receive compensation for providing you with home assistance care, although many insurance companies will try to find a way out of it.  A Georgia Worker's Comp attorney can advise you on how to go about making a request for spousal reimbursement.

According the Georgia Court of Appeals, the Worker's Compensation Act does not prohibit spouses or other family members from providing attendant home assistance or from recovering compensation for that care.

One of the things you'll need in order for your spouse to receive compensation is a letter from your physician noting the necessity of attendant care.

This home care that your Atlanta Workers' Compensation lawyer can help you track for your claim might include: 
  • bathing and grooming;
  • meal preparation;
  • driving; and
  • cleaning. 

It's important to note, however, that even though your spouse may be legally eligible to receive compensation for the aide they provide you with, that doesn't necessarily mean that your employer or insurance company will just willingly offer this payment.

Also, you should be aware that the amount that your spouse will receive is generally capped by the State Board's fee schedule which designates hourly rates for non-medical attendants. Your Georgia Workers' Comp attorney can explain in detail how this payment system is set up.

It's likely that you'll have to speak to an Atlanta Workers' Compensation lawyer about how to follow the State Board's rules and regulations and how to request the reimbursement for care that your spouse is entitled to.

Contacting a Georgia Worker's Comp Attorney

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