If your insurer has ordered you to go to an independent medical exam in connection with your Georgia personal injury claim, in most cases you do have to attend the exam. This is because your insurer has the legal right to request this examination, provided this was part of your original policy.

If you are ordered to go to an independent medical exam, you can consult an Atlanta injury lawyer before attending the examination. This may help you to prepare for the exam, as well as give you some important insight about how to handle the questions you will be asked and your own legal rights.

The purpose of the independent medial exam is to determine whether you are legitimately entitled to receive medical benefits as well as the extent of your injuries. If it is determined that you are no longer injured as you have claimed, or that you may have had a pre-existing condition, your insurer may use this information to deny you compensation.

However, if you are ordered to take an examination, your Atlanta injury lawyer can ask for the exam to be delayed, and insist that an impartial observer is present during the independent medical exam. This can help prevent the examiner from making an unfair determination.

When you attend an independent medical exam, you should be honest with the examiner about your former health issues, as well as the facts about how your injury occurred. If you misrepresent any information during the exam, your insurer can use this information to deny your medical benefits. If your medical benefits are denied for any reason, you should immediately get the help of your Atlanta injury lawyer.

Contacting an Atlanta Injury Lawyer

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