Whether you should take an ambulance after a car accident depends on several factors. However, we recommend you always take an ambulance if any of the following apply to your situation:

  • You or a passenger has open wounds.
  • You or a passenger broke a bone.
  • You have any large cuts or lacerations.
  • You are having chest pains or difficulty breathing.
  • You or a passenger was unconscious at any point.
  • You feel any type of pain that was not there before the accident.
  • The EMTs suggest you take an ambulance to the hospital.

Take an Ambulance Even If You Are Unsure You Suffered Injuries

We recommend you take an ambulance if you feel any type of discomfort or feel disoriented or if your passenger complains of any discomfort or confusion.

Any type of discomfort could be a sign of a serious injury. If you do not remember how the accident occurred or are experiencing any confusion, you may have a concussion or another type of traumatic brain injury.

Factors That Determine Whether You Have to Pay Your Ambulance Costs

One of the primary worries car accident victims face is paying medical expenses — including the ambulance trip. And this is a very real concern. According to CostHelper.com, ambulance rides can cost, on average, between $400 and $1,200 plus mileage costs.

Whether you will have to pay your ambulance costs yourself depends on a few factors:

  • Where you live: In some areas, taxes pay ambulance fees. However, this is not the case in DeKalb County where you could pay more than $750 for ambulance transport, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
  • Whether you have insurance: If you do not have insurance, you will likely need to pay the entire ambulance fee out-of-pocket. If you have health insurance, you might only need to pay a copay or deductible.
  • Whether you were at-fault (and your percentage of fault): If you were at-fault for the accident, you will be responsible for your ambulance fees. If another party was at least partially at-fault (more than 49 percent), we can add ambulance fees to your settlement demand. If your insurance covered the ambulance fees, we will need to pay back your insurance, but we can also include your copay or deductible in your demand.

How Taking an Ambulance Can Help You and Your Personal Injury Claim

While no single element can swing a personal injury claim in your favor, taking an ambulance can be helpful in a variety of ways. The following are ways taking emergency transport can help you and your claim:

  • An ambulance will get you to the right hospital: Depending on your injuries, it may be better to get you to one hospital rather than another (e.g., a trauma center instead of a regular hospital).
  • An ambulance will help get you there more quickly: Cities like Atlanta are known for their heavy traffic. If you or someone you love suffered serious injuries in a crash, an ambulance will help get you to the hospital faster and more safely than you would if you were driving yourself or your loved one.
  • A doctor will be able to identify your injuries quickly: Symptoms associated with many injuries (particularly soft tissue injuries, such as sprains and strains) often do not manifest themselves for a few hours or days. Sometimes it can take close to a week.
  • Insurance companies may dispute your claim if you wait: Insurance adjusters construct timelines of events and treatments when evaluating your claim. If you wait a day or two before seeking medical attention, insurance companies could use this as proof that your injuries are not as severe as you claim. If you take an ambulance right to the hospital, the insurance company will have a hard time dismissing the severity of your injury.

Note: The team at S. Burke Law recommends that you always receive medical treatment after an accident, regardless of whether you take an ambulance or not. This will prevent insurers from claiming your injury is unrelated to the accident.

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If another party’s negligent behavior caused you to suffer injuries in a car crash, you deserve compensation for all of your accident-related expenses, including your ambulance ride if you chose to take emergency transport to the hospital. Dealing with an insurance company after an accident is often difficult. A car accident lawyer at S. Burke Law will negotiate with the insurance company and ensure you receive compensation for all your accident-related losses.

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