Some of the questions we will ask are the following and you can speed up the process by providing this information in your email or telephone call:

         Full name, address, telephone number, fax number, email;

         Date of birth;

         When did the accident or incident occur (date and time);

         Where did the accident happen;

         Describe what happened and what caused the accident;

         Describe your injuries;

         When and how long were you treated in a hospital or physicians;

         What are your medical expenses, including those which have been paid for and those which have not (and what medical expenses do you anticipate having in the future);

         Have you lost time from work as a result of your accident? How much in lost wages have you incurred so far?  How much in lost wages will you incur in the future?

         Describe your disabilities and what you cant do now that you could do before the accident?

         Were you ever treated for this type of injury or problem before this accident?