If you experienced a workplace accident in Atlanta, you cannot sue your employers for your injuries; however, if a third party is involved, you may pursue a third-party liability lawsuit with the aid of a Georgia Workers' Comp Lawyer.

When you accept Workers' Compensation, you forfeit your right to file an injury claim against your employer.
The Workers' Comp insurance program was designed to help cover medical treatments and lost wages if you've been injured on the job.

Oftentimes, however, Workers' Comp isn't quite enough to pay for all your medical expenses and loss of wages. You can seek recompense through a personal injury claim against a third party, if applicable to your situation.

How Third Parties Can Contribute to a Workplace Accident in Atlanta

Potential third parties include: 
  • product manufacturers of defective products;
  • contractors at a construction site;
  • property owners; and
  • non-employees who acted negligently and contributed to your accident. 

After suffering an injury at work, especially if it's a serious or long-term injury, it might be difficult to make ends meet and pay for all your medical bills and living expenses, even with Workers' Comp payments. This is an excellent time to see if there is any legal course you could take to pursue a third party liability settlement, if it applies to your case.

Enlisting the aid of a Georgia Workers' Comp lawyer is a good idea if you're unsure if there is a third party that can be held liable for your accident. A lawyer who specializes in Worker's Compensation can investigate and evaluate your case, and advise you on how to proceed.

Contacting an Georgia Workers' Comp Lawyer

If you are the victim of someone else's negligence or carelessness, such as in a workplace accident in Atlanta, you have certain rights guaranteed by law. To help you understand these rights and seek the compensation you may be eligible for to help get your life back in order, contact the Atlanta Law Offices of Sheryl L. Burke for a no-cost consultation on your injury case - 404-842-7838.