When you have suffered a work-related injury in Georgia, Workers' Compensation benefits may be available. To learn what your rights are, speak with an Atlanta work injury lawyer to discuss your case.

A lawyer can also help determine if your claim is treated fairly and if you receive what you are entitled to. In addition, a lawyer may be able to assist if you believe your claim was denied wrongfully.

Workers' Compensation Benefits That May Be Available in Georgia

Georgia Workers' Compensation can become complicated when it comes to what entitles you to benefits. Medical costs for injuries that happen while on the job, no matter who was at fault, should be covered. Yet you may find it a challenge to determine the types of benefits you are eligible to receive. In addition, you may find that your claim has been denied.

However, you can expect that medical expenses related to your injuries should be covered. If you run into a problem with this, contact an Atlanta work injury lawyer who may be able to help.

If your injury caused you to seek emergency medical care, whether you were driven to the hospital or were rushed there in an ambulance, these expenses should be covered. However, any care you receive after this must be done through the network of medical providers that your employer chooses.

If you must undergo imaging tests, such as CT scans, x-rays or MRIs, they also should be covered. Additional tests that should be covered include lab and blood work.

When your injuries require prescription medications, benefits for these may be available. You will need to verify how your employer will take care of this expense. By speaking to a Workers' Compensation representative, you should find out if the medications will be covered automatically or if reimbursements will be necessary.

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