When you have been injured at work, you may need the assistance of a Workers Comp lawyer in Atlanta. Despite your employer being required to provide Georgia Workers' Compensation benefits, there could be a discrepancy with the amount of benefits and how long they last.

Seeking legal help is the best way to know that your rights as a worker are being protected. You can't always trust that your employer or their insurance company is going to give you the Georgia Workers' Compensation that you deserve. Your injury can have a huge impact on your ability to take care of your medical bills and lost wages as a result of being unable to work.

Impact of Impairment Rating On Georgia Workers' Compensation Claim

One way your claim for benefits can be impacted is by the impairment rating assigned to you. This is given to you by the treating physician when you have reached what is known as the maximum medical improvement (MMI). In other words, your condition can not be improved or you have fully recovered.

Impairment ratings are also called PPD ratings and they will determine the number of weeks you can collect benefits.
Sometimes the affected body part will play a role in evaluating the amount of benefits you are entitled to.

If your back or neck was injured, this is considered to be an injury that affects your entire body. Injuries to the body as a whole are provided 300 weeks of benefits. So if you were given an impairment rating of 10%, it would mean that you are entitled to 10% of 300 weeks or 30 weeks.

Since the impairment rating can significantly impact the timeframe you receive benefits, you will want the assurance that your case is being handled fairly. This is where contacting a Workers Comp lawyer in Atlanta can be of help.

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