When you experience an illness that is caused by your employment or you suffer a workplace injury in Georgia, you may be eligible for benefits in a Workers' Compensation claim. In a Workers' Compensation claim, you may receive money (on a weekly or bi-weekly basis) as well as medical benefits. In exchange for these benefits, you must relinquish the right to sue your employer for the damages you have suffered.

Unfortunately, if you have suffered from a workplace injury in Georgia, compensation is never guaranteed. In fact, it is not unusual for an insurer to deny a Workers' Compensation claim or to undervalue the claim by diminishing your injuries.

If you are experiencing trouble filing or collecting on your Workers' Compensation claim after a workplace injury in Georgia, you have the right to seek help from an Atlanta Workers' Compensation lawyer. By having an attorney on your side, you may be better able to fight for your rights and build a strong and convincing case for benefits.

Am I entitled to file a Workers' Compensation claim?

Any employee who suffers a workplace injury in Georgia may be entitled to file a Workers' Compensation claim.

You may file a claim if you have: 

  • been injured during work activities;
  • been injured while on your employer's property;
  • suffered from mental or physical stress because of a stressful work environment;
  • incurred health problems as a result of your working environment (for instance suffering from emphysema because of smoky conditions); or
  • re-aggravated a pre-existing condition (for instance having hurt your back while lifting heavy objects. Note that these cases are very difficult to handle, as the insurer will often deny benefits based on a pre-existing condition). 

The benefits you receive in a Workers' Compensation claim will depend on the extent of your injuries. To find out which benefits you may be entitled to, you can contact an Atlanta Workers' Compensation lawyer for a consultation.

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