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An injury can upend your entire life. You might be facing thousands in medical bills with no way to pay them if your injuries are keeping you from working. If another party caused your injury, you have options. Call a personal injury lawyer in Lithonia at S. Burke Law to discuss them: 404-842-7838.

Do I Have a Valid Claim?

Just suffering an injury does not warrant a personal injury claim. To have a valid claim, another party’s negligent action or inaction must have caused your injury.

For example, say you slipped and fell in the grocery store. An employee placed a wet floor sign in front of the spill, but you were texting and did not see it. This will likely not be enough for a personal injury claim. However, if you slipped and fell and there was no warning signage, the manager might be liable for your injuries.

Proving negligence requires establishing the following four elements:

  • Obligation: The party in question had an obligation to keep you from undue harm. The store manager had an obligation to keep the premises free of hazards.
  • Breach: The party did not fulfill this obligation. By failing to clean up the spill or warn customers of the hazard, he failed to fulfill this obligation.
  • Causation: Your injuries were a direct result of the party’s negligent behavior. You slipped and fell in the spill, suffering a broken tailbone and spinal cord injuries.
  • Damages: You suffered physical, emotional, or financial harm. You have medical bills and cannot return to work for three months.

What Is My Claim Worth?

Every injury is different; therefore, it is impossible for us to determine how much your claim is worth without examining your records and discussing your case with you. However, S. Burke Law will fight to recover compensation for any of the following applicable damages:

  • Medical bills (this includes both current and future)
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity (if your injuries keep you from working the same job or force you to retire)
  • Miscellaneous costs associated with your injury
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish

How Can S. Burke Law Help Me with My Claim?

When you work with S. Burke Law, you get an entire team on your side. Sheryl Burke will handle the legalities of your case. This might include:

  • Gathering evidence
  • Building a strong case
  • Meeting all deadlines
  • Determining the value of your case
  • Communicating and negotiating with insurers
  • Defending you and your claim from any accusations of fault

Sheryl started her career as an insurance adjuster which gives her the insider knowledge necessary to ensure she is always one step ahead of the insurance company.

You also receive a client relations coordinator who helps you handle the smaller tasks you face after an injury. Your coordinator will help with:

  • Replacing or repairing your vehicle
  • Renting a vehicle
  • Finding a doctor that accepts your insurance
  • Keeping you up-to-date with your case and answering any questions you might have

Is There Anything I Can Do to Help My Claim?

Yes. While we strive to take as much responsibility off your plate as possible, there are a few things you can do to help strengthen your claim:

Continue with Your Medical Care

Getting immediate medical care is important, but it is imperative to the health of your case that you continue that care. In addition to helping you recover faster, it also protects your case from the insurer claiming that you are contributing to, exaggerating, or even falsifying your injuries. Attend all your appointments and obey your doctor’s orders.

Watch Who You Speak To

The insurance company can — and will — use anything you say against you. This is why we take over communication with the insurance company and its adjusters. However, the insurance company can also use anything you (or even your friends) post online against you.

For example, say you claimed that your injuries kept you confined to your house, but your friend shares a photo of you on a hike. The insurer will likely claim you are falsifying your injuries and deny your claim.

We recommend clients stay off social media while claims are pending. You might also ask friends and family to refrain from posting about you.

Keep a Pain Journal

By writing down how your injuries affect you every day, we can more accurately establish your entitlement to pain and suffering damages. Be sure to note any times your pain or injuries kept you from going to work, spending time with your family, or engaging in your favorite hobbies. You might also want to note in each entry your pain level for the day.

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