Before I became a lawyer and opened my personal injury firm in Atlanta, I worked for an insurance company as an adjuster. I saw the challenges that injury victims face in trying to get the compensation they deserve, and how insurance companies add to their struggles by actively trying to reduce or deny their claims.

If another party injured you, you need a knowledgeable and compassionate lawyer working for your interests. I am that lawyer. My background makes me uniquely qualified to anticipate every move from the other side and to counter it with a strong case that helps you win every dollar to which you are entitled. To discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer in Stone Mountain, call 404-842-7838.

My team at S. Burke Law fights with compassion and conviction for your rights. In working for the other side, I saw the heartbreak of injury victims when insurance companies and other responsible parties successfully kept them from the money they deserved. That is why I changed careers and made it my mission to fight for those people — people like you.

No Matter How You Suffered Your Injury, S. Burke Law Can Help

Our team has helped people with all types of injuries win the compensation they deserve. Let our team investigate and identify every party who is potentially responsible. If their negligence led to your accident, you may be able to hold them liable. Once we determine the liable parties, we can gather evidence and pursue them for damages.

Some of the more common personal injury cases we have fought and won for our clients include:

Car Accidents

Auto accidents comprise a significant chunk of personal injury cases every year. One of the biggest challenges for an auto accident victim is taking on the insurance company. That is where my experience working as an adjuster can help you in a big way. The insurance company will try many tactics to deny or reduce your claim. But I have seen every one of those tactics up close, am ready for them, and will be prepared to counter them.

My team and I also handle motorcycle and pedestrian accidents. We can fight for your right to compensation regardless of whether you were walking, riding your motorcycle, or behind the wheel.

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are often worse than traditional auto accidents because of the size, weight, and power of a tractor-trailer. You might be looking at serious injuries, such as head or brain trauma, spinal injury, crushing injuries, and broken bones.

These injuries are often costlier; however, because you often hold the trucking company, not the driver, liable, you have the opportunity for a higher payout.

Unfortunately, getting the compensation you deserve can be difficult because trucking companies often have large insurance companies and experienced legal teams behind them.

Our team can handle all insurers, big or small, and get you the compensation you deserve.

Wrongful Death

If your loved one died in an accident and you feel someone else might have been responsible, talk to us. We will investigate and determine if there is a responsible party or parties we can go after.

Slip and Falls

If you slipped or tripped and fell in a public place, business, or even your friend’s apartment, you may be entitled to compensation. We can determine who was responsible for maintenance of the area and who is, therefore, liable for your injuries.

In some cases, this might involve suing a city or even the state of Georgia. This can be difficult but we have experience handling these types of cases and will take the burden off your shoulders and build the strongest case possible.

Do Not Talk to the Other Side Before You Talk to S. Burke Law

If the insurance company or another party involved calls to discuss the accident or a settlement, you NEVER want to talk to them before you have spoken with an attorney. The insurer can — and will — use anything you say against you. The insurance company or other party will attempt to take your statements and twist them to fit the narrative that it is not responsible for damages.

Once we take your case, the team at S. Burke Law will take over all correspondence with the other side. We will maintain the upper hand and eliminate the risk of the insurance company using an offhand comment to sink your case.

Talk to a Compassionate Personal Injury Lawyer in Stone Mountain Today

I started my career in personal injury law because I saw how the other side treated accident victims and wanted to do something about it. I take the outcome of your case personally, and I will fight aggressively to get you every dollar you deserve. You are not just another case; my team and I will treat you like family.

Ready to get started? We offer a free consultation to go over the details of your case and answer all your questions. Call our office today for an appointment: 404-842-7838.