If you suffered injuries on a property in Johns Creek, Georgia you might qualify to collect financial compensation from the property owner. You may be able to recover your damages through a premises liability claim or lawsuit, which involves accident injuries that occur on public or private property.

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You may be entitled to compensation from a negligent property owner

Depending on where the accident took place, you may be able to pursue compensation from a private property owner (e.g., a commercial business or a residential homeowner) or a government entity that rules over public land. Our legal team will look into your case to identify the liable party and then file appropriate notices about your intention to collect compensation from them.

However, before we can send those notices, we must name the value of your case. We can do this by calculating the value of your losses, which might include economic and non-economic damages. Below is a brief explanation of each category.

Economic damages

Economic damages are straightforward since they are financial damages you experienced. This can be interpreted as financial debts you owe, expenses you were forced or will be forced to pay, or wage losses. 

Examples of economic damages include:

  • Your medical care expenses, which may include costs for emergency room care, surgeries, doctor’s visits, prescription medicines, and physical therapy
  • Current and future income loss if your injuries affected your ability to go to work
  • Reduced earning potential if your injuries affect your ability to work in your current position or at all on a long-term or permanent basis
  • Property damage if applicable

Our team may collect receipts, bills, invoices, employment information, tax forms, and other types of financial documents to prove the value of your economic damages.

Non-economic damages

Non-economic damages do not have an immediate financial value, as they concern physical and emotional losses you experienced as a result of the accident. Because these damages are more subjective, our team will have to review and compare them to your economic damages and assign a value that is fair to your situation.

Examples of non-economic damages may include:

  • Your pain and suffering, be it physical or emotional
  • Permanent disability and losses related to this major life change
  • Physical disfigurement, such as scarring, burns, or loss of limbs
  • Loss of enjoyment in life and/or hobbies and activities
  • Damages to your relationship dynamics due to your injuries

Proving these types of damages may require anecdotal evidence, such as written journal entries or statements from people in your life who knew you before the accident. However, photos and videos of your recovery may also help to prove your claims.

Our team at S. Burke Law does what it takes to help you build your case

Once our legal team takes on your case, we will start by asking you a series of questions to understand your situation. We may ask about:

  • Who was involved in the accident
  • Where the accident took place and whether it was on public or private property
  • Whether you had permission to be on the property
  • The damages you experienced during and after the accident

We understand that you might not have complete answers for everything we ask, but it can be a starting point. From there, our team can help you build your case by performing our legal duties. These duties include:

  • Investigating the accident in hopes of discovering more evidence for your case
  • Identifying the liable party in your case
  • Preparing legal paperwork and submitting it on your behalf
  • Speaking with involved parties on your behalf to protect you from having your words used against you
  • Meeting with insurance representatives to negotiate a settlement
  • Reviewing settlement offers to determine whether they meet your compensation needs
  • Representing you in court if you decide to file a premises liability lawsuit
  • Advising you on your case as it progresses

We care about each client we work with, so our priority is making sure your concerns are heard. Our team wants to help you fight for the compensation you need, so we will do everything possible to prepare a strong case for you.

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Your premises liability lawsuit has a legal deadline in Georgia

Any premises liability injury lawyer in Johns, Georgia, will warn you that you might not have a lot of time to file your lawsuit. In Georgia, O.C.G.A. § 9-3-33 generally gives you about two years to file your case. This might seem like more than enough time, but legal procedures can take longer than expected. 

For example, the following aspects of your case might eat away at the time you have to file a lawsuit:

  • How long it takes to retrieve evidence for your case
  • How long the negotiation stage lasts with the insurance company
  • Whether you are suing a government entity, as this changes your deadline altogether

Our legal team can monitor your case and remind you of the statutory deadline as it approaches. You want to avoid missing the deadline because if you do, this might put your opportunity to collect compensation at risk.

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