When Workers' Compensation cases result in an employer trying to deny a claim, then you may be entitled to pursue a Workers' Compensation lawsuit in Georgia. This is a separate thing from the original Workers' Compensation case. To learn what your rights are, you should speak with a lawyer in Atlanta who handles Workers' Compensation claims.

When an Employer Tries to Deny Your Workers' Compensation Claim

By law you are entitled to benefits when you have sustained a work injury.
Even if you were at fault for the incident or accident that led to your injury, Workers' Compensation benefits are available. However, there are some circumstances in which they could be denied.

Your employer may try to find a way to deny your claim, even though you are entitled to benefits.
The only recourse may be to file a Workers' Compensation lawsuit in Georgia.

Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do on your own when you are up against your employer or their insurance company.  So you may need to seek legal counsel.

Evidence You May Need to Prove Your Claim

To have any chance at a successful outcome, you should collect adequate evidence. You should give your lawyer copies of any documentation related to your case.

Some of the types of paperwork that may be used as evidence in your claim include:

  • photographs of accident scene and/or injuries;
  • a copy of the accident report you filed;
  • names of the doctors you have seen;
  • medical records related to your accident and injuries;
  • names of anyone who witnessed your accident at work;
  • records showing the wages you have lost; and
  • a copy of your Notice of Claim (WC-14) for Workers' Compensation. 

Workers' Compensation cases can be complicated; therefore, you want to make sure that you have as much evidence as possible. Contact your Workers' Compensation attorney in Atlanta for help.

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