A mild brain injury generally doesn’t require much, if any, medical treatment. However, when this type of injury is more serious, you could face expensive medical treatment over a period of weeks, months, years or even a lifetime. To learn if you may be entitled to compensation through a Georgia personal injury claim, you should consult with a brain injury attorney in Georgia. An attorney can evaluate your case to determine if someone else may be held liable, explain what your rights are and help you understand what your next step should be.

Treatment Costs of a Traumatic Brain Injury

Initially you may be treated in an emergency room. Depending on the nature of your brain injury, you could be hospitalized, possibly in an intensive care unit. These are just the start of your costs when you have suffered a serious brain injury. If other treatment becomes necessary, you can expect your expenses to increase significantly.

Medication may be given, which can help prevent seizures, alleviate pain and reduce pressure inside the patient’s brain. If it is necessary to be put into a temporary coma, coma-inducing drugs may be given.

Surgery, sometimes on an emergency basis, may be required. This will depend on the injury. If there is pressure inside the skull, it may need to be drained. Or if the skull was fractured, it may need to be repaired. In addition, if there is bleeding inside the brain, surgery to stop it could be necessary.

These are just the initial costs that a victim may face when he or she has suffered a traumatic brain injury. These expenses may be recoverable through a Georgia personal injury claim. Contacting a brain injury attorney in Georgia will help you get a better understanding of what you may be entitled to.

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